You can only sell your house once. So, appointing an agent is like selecting a test cricket team. Do you want untested rookies? Players content to sit on the bench? Or do you want the big hitters, the proven performers, the players who grasp every small opportunity to transform test losses into test victories.

Dixon Family Estate Agents is at the top of its game. We know property inside out. And we always have the home ground advantage. Ours is the ideal combination of skill and experience, strategy and determination.

Relationships and results

With Dixon Family Estate Agents, it’s what we know AND who we know!

Patrick Dixon freely admits the personal and business contacts of his parents, Jim and Marjorie Dixon, turbo-charged his early real estate career. Dr Dixon was a respected general practitioner and golf administrator, well known in Brisbane’s business and sporting communities.

Patrick Dixon has been in real estate in Brisbane since 1973. He was born here, went to school here. He has excelled in business here for decades, raised his family here. And he’s been involved widely with the Brisbane community at various professional and personal levels.

Patrick’s children have been through school and university in Brisbane.

Now son Jack Dixon is his partner, adding yet another generation of valued connections. Between them, their network of contacts and relationships is vast, spreading through friends and family, school mates and parents, social and sporting clubs, thousands of satisfied clients, and the business, professional, real estate and legal fraternities.

By any measure, we’re well connected. People know us and hold us in high regard. These relationships are tremendously important. But even more vital is that the strength of our networks, harnessed with our skill and experience, achieves results for you.

When it comes to digital marketing … call us old fashioned

Reaching real estate buyers is easy. They’ve been trained over the years to look in only a few places. We can boast of our 30,000-strong data base, that we’re creative marketers, masters of advertising and promotion. Of course we are. But all agents will tell you that.

You don’t need a good agent to find buyers. You need a good agent to sell to them.

Despite the advent of email, electronic databases and social media, buyers still need to be sold property. We at Dixon Family Estate Agents know that a face-to-face meeting or personal telephone conversation is infinitely more powerful than any email or tweet.

We reach out into the community, meeting people, speaking with them, because that is where our customers and property buyers are. After all, there is a 95 per cent chance your home will be bought by a local who already lives nearby. Chances are we know them. If not, we will very soon … and so will you.

That’s not to say we don’t employ the latest technology to best advantage. Dixon Family Estate Agents is digitally armed to the hilt, connected on all the main social networks. We use every effective communication tool available to reach and engage buyers.

But we don’t just throw a net out there and hope to catch your market. We target it precisely and intelligently. We make sure your property is seen in all the right places. On the ground and online, we are out there selling.

Our ability to provide real time, interactive virtual inspections via Skype, is just one powerful example. No matter how distant or time-poor a prospective buyer is, we can walk them through your home, relaying footage to their screen on Skype while we describe it.

Our personal attention and service, and our myriad connections in the Brisbane community, are real, not virtual. If that’s old fashioned, we’re happy to admit it.

Knowledge is power

Dixon Family Estate Agents are forensic in our efforts to learn everything that makes your property tick, everything potential buyers need and want to discover. We know what you love about your property is often what has greatest appeal to others. We go out of our way to know all the physical features of your home, its lifestyle attributes, and the emotional elements and intimate insights that help us gain you the best possible price. Our opinion is valued and respected.

Style, location and proportions, the number of restaurants within walking distance, the reputation of local schools, the fact your neighbours are the backyard cricket champions … these are all examples of characteristics that make a home feel right. We know the power of the X Factor.

So, when your special buyer arrives, the buyer fate may only send once, you want Dixon Family Estate Agents there to make them feel right at home. You want the most experienced, thorough and determined agent there to ensure your buyer commits.

And you want this assurance – you will always receive our personal attention, not our personal assistant!

We sell homes, not show homes

Concluding a successful sale for you is our number one goal. Put bluntly, we don’t waste your valuable time.

Most of our clients, owners of quality property, are at pains to show their home looking its best. A great deal of effort goes into getting the place ready for presentation. This is why, at Dixon Family Estate Agents, we scrutinise every potential buyer carefully to ensure they are genuine prospects capable of making a purchase.

dixon-keys   Nothing is too much trouble for us to assist a genuine buyer. But ‘lookers’ will be steered to Open House showings or group inspections, to make sure our sellers’ efforts are directed for greatest benefit. Finally, you will always receive feedback on every inspection quickly and directly – no waiting and wondering.

Hear why our sales philosophy and service are so appreciated by our clients.

Appraisal Request

We would be pleased to provide you with a complimentary appraisal of the value of your property in today’s market. An appraisal places you under absolutely no obligation.

Please complete the contact form below to enable us to start the appraisal process, and either Patrick or Jack Dixon will review the information and contact you to arrange a convenient inspection of your property.