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River City to Host World's Richest Swim

October 25, 2017


What a headline that would be!  Imagine, the international spotlight on our city as the world’s best swimmers churn through the clear (yes, clear) waters of the Brisbane River, past our dazzling new Queen’s Wharf and Howard Smith Wharves precincts. After all our years of pleading and agitating, authorities seem finally to be turning their […]

Suffering from HHB? You need our Spring Buying Survival Guide.

September 1, 2017


Do you find yourself searching for excuses not to search? Thinking OMG, not another OFI? Are you confused about what to proffer as your offer? Don’t let HHB (House Hunter’s Burnout) jeopardise your chance of finding ‘the one’. We have the perfect therapy – a spring buying survival guide to help you successfully navigate the […]

Future Realty: Predicting What A Futuristic Residential Property Market Will Look Like

June 21, 2017


Imagine a world where just owning a house marks you as one of society’s ‘elites’, where living on a main road could actually be desirable, and where you might never move out of home. These are just some of the future property market realities predicted by Brisbane’s Dixon Family Estate Agents, who’ve applied sci-fi thinking […]

Sommerville House Foundation Golf Day

June 15, 2017


A big thanks to our superstar team Robyn Elphinstone, Terri Williams and Michelle Casey for steering us to victory at the Sommerville House Foundation Golf Day.

Talk About a Load of Rubbish!

March 8, 2017


Somehow governments can always find millions to fund festivals, sporting events, even concerts, crowing about the economic benefits. Yet our emblematic Brisbane River still suffers buck-passing and underfunding. What are they talking about now? More to the point, what are they doing? When will governments wake up to the fact our city’s vital artery could […]

2017 REIQ Small Residential Agency of the Year

February 13, 2017

Blog Press

Dixon Family Estate Agents have been named 2017 Small Residential Agency of the Year at the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) awards in February. The gala awards ceremony at Brisbane City Hall was attended by almost 600 members of the REIQ. REIQ chief Antonia Mercorella said the Awards for Excellence showcased those real estate professionals […]

Reasons to be Cheerful, Top 5

November 18, 2016


As we edge towards Christmas, I found myself pondering the year ahead. The airwaves are so full of politicians pushing their own agenda and ‘fake news’ bandied about by vested interests, that I thought I’d do my own digging to find out what our future really holds. You might be surprised to learn there is […]

Open Wide, Come Inside…

October 5, 2016


They did it in Limerick and Slovenia last week. This week it’s Brisbane’s turn, along with Lisbon and New York. And, later this month, Chicago, Thessaloniki and Barcelona will all be doing it. If you love your hometown, appreciate great design and enjoy a good story, this weekend is definitely for you. It also helps […]

Brisbane Olympics: We're Not Dreamin'

September 5, 2016


A preliminary feasibility study says we can do it.  The AOC has given us its blessing.  And this month, hot on the heels of Rio, Southeast Queensland’s 11 councils will decide whether to tip in more funds to bankroll the next step. Of course, we are talking about Brisbane’s pursuit of the Olympic dream, our […]

Are Jekyll & Hyde Designing our City?

August 5, 2016


Newcomers and visitors to our city could be forgiven for wondering if Brisbane City Council subscribes to the Jekyll and Hyde school of civic design. One minute we’re admiring an inviting and creative new streetscape, like that of Graceville’s Honour Avenue retail strip.  The next, we struggle to glimpse the river through endless lengths of […]